The Hawthorne District, as it is sometimes called, is a gem of Southeast, actually consisting of the Sunnyside, Richmond, and Colonial Heights neighborhoods. Occasionally, Mt. Tabor and Buckman are described as part of the District as well.  Hawthorne Boulevard is the main artery that is lined with countless shops, restaurants, pubs, and other commercials spaces.  On any given day you will find the sidewalks filled with people of all walks of life – families, neo-hippies and hipsters, professionals – all soaking in everything this district has to offer. Many of the commercial spaces are one- of-a-kind and offer a true local experience with plenty of quirkiness that is so quintessential of Portland.

The residential streets that fan out from Hawthorne are filled with some of the hottest real estate in Portland – bungalows, craftsmans, four-squares, ranches, and cottages. A mix of original homes and newly fixed-up houses, these homes and streets are some of the most iconic of Southeast.

With our office on Hawthorne Boulevard, we have strong ties to the neighborhood and focus on working with buyers and sellers in this Corridor.