The Selling Process

The Selling Process

Selling a home is a big step, and the process can be pretty complicated. Our proactive, detail-oriented approach involves thorough preparation, market analysis, and follow-through, putting you in position to sell at the high-end of your property’s worth in as short a window as possible.

Our first step is to help you determine what pricing strategy best fits your needs. This market analysis process usually begins with our team taking a walk-through tour of your home so that we can get a sense of it – the layout, the architecture, the finishes, the land, etc. Each and every home in Portland is unique, and it is important that we get to know your home as best we can. After a tour of your home, we head back to the office to begin our research. We scour the data to find the best possible information to use in helping us create the highest and best pricing strategy. Then, we invite you to our office where we share our findings, and lay forth a strategic marketing plan. We will also touch briefly upon what you can expect to experience as a home seller.

During the walk-through and CMA presentation, we recommend ways you can prepare your home prior to listing. They may be minor, such as rearranging or removing furniture, or may be bigger projects like painting rooms or refinishing floors. We have found that homes that show beautifully sell quickly, so the more attractive, clean, and neutral your home is, the better.

Once your home is in tip-top shape and ready to be listed, we provide you with a variety of marketing services, including, but not limited to:

A spot in our newsletter, which reaches over 9,500 Eastside residents bi-monthly
A spot on the back of the Southeast Examiner, which reaches over 26,000 people monthly
A feature on our personal website and our Realty Trust Group page
Online publications, such as Craigslist
Social media posts
Professional signage and a permanent flyer
Professionally taken photographs used for all marketing
A display in our office window including a QR code linked to the online listing
A Broker’s open house the first Tuesday on the market
A postal mailing to area neighbors within the first week of marketing
Company and industry networking
A complete RMLS listing, which also reaches other sites such as Zillow,, and
However, we don’t just put a sign up in your yard and disappear. We maintain contact with you and continue to monitor and hone our marketing strategy until we find the perfect buyer.

Once there has been a mutually accepted offer you are “sale pending”! This means escrow will be opened, and our transaction will be underway. In Oregon, a seller must provide title insurance to a buyer. Escrow helps facilitate this requirement. Escrow is a neutral third party that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. Their duties vary, and can include verifying clear title, holding funds, reviewing paperwork, recording the sale, and transferring funds appropriately.

If included in the contract, there will be a timeline for performing inspections and negotiating repairs. Having worked with many older homes throughout Portland, we know what types of issues tend to come up, and have complete confidence in our approach to negotiating both minor and major fixes.

If a buyer is obtaining financing, there will be an appraisal done that determines if the home can qualify for financing. This is an important time for us to make sure all goes smoothly as we help facilitate a quick and problem-free sale. After the inspection and appraisal periods of the transaction, we keep in consistent contact with the lender to assure that the sale is a top priority and that we won’t encounter any delays.

Once we have final loan approval and/or title clearance, all is ready to close! Typically, transactions take between 30-45 days to close. A transaction is “closed” when the deed has been transferred into the buyer’s name and the money is available to the seller. In Oregon, the buyers become the official homeowners on the day that the sale documents are recorded with the county (usually within the next business day after signing).

Our expertise helps make the selling process an easier one for you. We are here as a resource every step of the way.